Electric Blossom

Technology has evolved throughout the years, and so has love. Tha past decade has changed at a fast pace, just like the rhythms of our mentality. Hidden obsessions are now free. We travel the world to find passion as well as freedom for our thoughts. Art has become a way of life. Nature is real beauty and this beauty is reflected through the enticing and intricate details of this collection. The colors are vividly seen through Jacquards textiles that are meant to catch light. Tech fabrics are combined with the classic couture finishes that represent the core of our firm. Some elements of surprise are accentuated by elaborate tailoring of details such as bondage straps that percolate on the bodices of gowns, and embroidery hearts that are emblazoned on upper torsos. Metal plated accessories containing phrases that embrace different feelings within a hint of humor, complete the collection.